Rep. Haley Stevens Concerned About Recession, Calls Out Tariffs as Obstacle to Job Creation

“We are seeing those roadblocks come up with tariffs, a lot of uncertainty on trade deals,” says Stevens on Detroit Today.

Members of Congress head back to Capitol Hill in early September, returning to a political environment that is rich with problems to solve and destitute when it comes to real action.

The Democratic-led U.S. House has been passing bills dealing with gunsthe economy, and healthcare. But the GOP-controlled Senate has done just about nothing other than confirming judges.

Now, there’s concern about a looming recession.

Can we expect Congress to act to fix the nation’s pressing problems?

“It’s got to be about the economy,” says Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI), who turned the 11th district here in Metro Detroit from Red to Blue in 2018. Her campaign focused largely on economic policy.

“We cannot be creating roadblocks through federal policy-making. And we are seeing those roadblocks come up with tariffs, a lot of uncertainty on trade deals. We need to be having good, open, fair conversations that unlock the channels for job creation.”

Stevens says she is concerned about some of the economic indicators right now, which might point to a coming recession. She questions whether many Americans, especially millennials, are prepared for a looming recession.

Stevens also discusses USMCA, President Trump’s proposed replacement for the NAFTA trade agreement, healthcare, and the mood in Congress in 2019.

Click on the audio player above to hear Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI) discuss healthcare, the economy, and more on Detroit Today.


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