Tell Us A Story of Searching for a School for Your Kids

WDET’s education reporter Sascha Raiyn had to choose a new school for her child. This series captures the good, bad and stressful parts of her journey — and we want your input.

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I had to search for a new school for my child this year. And it was scary.

It was scary for me and I know a lot more about schools in Metro Detroit than most people. As WDET’s education beat reporter, I spend my days visiting schools, focusing on education policy and practice, talking to students, parents, teachers and administrators. I know a lot about what’s happening in our schools.

“Over the next two months, I’ll be inviting parents and students into my process as I decide on the school for my child.” – Sascha Raiyn, reporter

But when it came down to finding a school for my child, it was a process. 


I had to do a school search as a Detroiter, meaning we have no “neighborhood school” to automatically choose or reject. We have to find an elementary school and expect to search for middle and high schools in just a few years.

But it wasn’t just the requirement that pushed me to do this. The awesome weight of making the perfect choice for my child to ensure their day-to-day experience, entire education, career and future are happy, healthy and productive also pushed me to search. (Yes, I know my sense of responsibility here could use some right-sizing.)

So, I set out to find the perfect school for my soon-to-be first-grader and my family. And, because I’m a reporter, I want to share my experience with you.

Over the next two months, I’ll be inviting parents and students into the process I went through to find the school for my child. We’ll visit charters, private and public schools in the metro Detroit area, talk to teachers and administrators, and look at the factors that affect this vital decision for your children’s future. 

But first, I want to hear all about your experiences with school searches. Fill out the form below to share your story, and your submission will be incorporated into my reporting on-air and online. 


  • Sascha Raiyn
    Sascha Raiyn is Education Reporter at 101.9 WDET. She is a native Detroiter who grew up listening to news and music programming on Detroit Public Radio.