David Brancaccio of Marketplace Digs Into Financial Abuse of Aging Americans

For individuals and their families, it’s an issue that cuts deeper than just the monetary cost of that exploitation.

David Brancaccio

The total cost of elder financial exploitation is anywhere between $3 billion and $36 billion a year

For individuals and their families, it’s an issue that cuts deeper than just the cost of that exploitation.

Marketplace Morning Report host David Brancaccio spent the last year digging into this issue. He’ll soon host a series of special coverage and a hour-long special titled “Brains and Losses.” That special will air on WDET on Tuesday, May 21, at 2 p.m.

Brancaccio joins Detroit Today to talk about his reporting and what we can do to protect ourselves and our families.

Click on the audio player above to hear that conversation.


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