What Motivates Billionaires to Run for President?

Stephen Henderson speaks with Anand Giridharadas author of “Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World.”

Anand Giridharadas

We have one self-proclaimed billionaire in the White House, and at least two others who now say they might like the job — Howard Schultz and Michael Bloomberg. Tom Steyer had been considering a run, but recently decided against it.

They’ve all been successful in business, more successful than almost any other American. But why do they think that translates to the work of the presidency or the small-d democratic imperatives that envelop a job like the presidency?

Just yesterday on Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson while Stephen and guests were talking about the 2020 presidential race, a caller said he’d like to see Bill Gates run for president.

Billionaires are clearly in our minds when we think of people who could lead the country. Why is that? And is it misguided?

Journalist and author Anand Giridharadas has written a book called, “Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World.” It challenges the notion that the wealthy among us are even interested in better outcomes for the rest of us. It’s really just all about them, he says.

Giridharadas joins Detroit Today to talk about those issues. 

Click on the audio player above to hear that conversation.


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