Remembering Ted Lucas’ First and Only Solo Album

A re-issue of the 70s Detroit rocker’s record is reaching a new generation of fans.

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Detroit rocker Ted Lucas first made a name for himself in the 1970s as a member of The Spike Drivers, a pioneering psychedelic folk rock band from the Motor City.

Throughout his career Lucas struggled with mental illness and erratic behavior that weighed heaviest on his family until his death in 1992.

In 1975, Lucas released his first and only solo album—to no commercial success.

Now Lucas’ solo project has been reissued giving younger audiences a chance to connect with his music.

WDET freelance reporter James Colombo speaks with Lucas’ son, Tony, about his father’s legacy.

“When people ask me about my dad, it’s weird, because when I was growing up most of my time was avoiding talking about my dad,” Tony says. “It always included some kind of insanity, right. Some kind of craziness, some kind of nuttiness. And when I talk about my dad now, I almost brag about him. You know, it’s such a different way of thinking about somebody.”

Colombo also speaks with Mike Dutkewych of Yoga Records who played a significant role in putting the re-release together. 


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