Postcards from Eastern Market: Making Indian Food Fast Food

Priya Dass is using his MBA training to make Indian food more accessible.

During one of her most recent trip to the Eastern Market, Food Journalism fellow Dorothy Hernandez visited Curry Fresh’s stand to learn more about their business.
The company’s co-founder Priya Dass spoke with Dorothy about the curries and ready-to-go Indian meals he makes as well as his journey to deciding to make healthy Indian food more widely accessible and affordable.

The audio was captured and introduced by journalist Dorothy Hernandez who is a Feet in 2 Worlds Food Journalism Fellow at WDET.
Dorothy has wanted to be a journalist since third grade. Learn more about her journey. 


  • Dorothy Hernandez
    Dorothy Hernandez is Digital Editor for 101.9 WDET, creating digital editorial content. Her love of radio began when she had a radio show in college when she and her roommate played '80s music in the middle of the night.