Prepare to Vote: Redistricting and the Candidates for Michigan Governor [VIDEO, TRANSCRIPTS]

See if Michigan’s next governor supports Voters Not Politicians or other redistricting changes.


Is the Voters Not Politicians effort to change how Michigan handles redistricting YOUR issue — whether you’re for or against it?  Does what candidates say about gerrymandering — and whether it’s a problem —  help determine your vote in the August primary and November general elections?
WDET and our partners in the Detroit Journalism Cooperative recently interviewed most of the Republican and Democratic candidates for governor of Michigan.
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The DJC reporters asked the candidates whether they support the Voters Not Politicians ballot proposal. Here’s how they answered:


Republican Candidates

Brian Calley


Brian Calley OPPOSES the ballot initiative. “I appreciate the concerns. But everybody has politics. No matter who is drawing the lines, everybody has politics,” he said. “Somebody who has to face voters, I just think that is a better option in terms of drawing the lines. There are also rules in place in Michigan that are very objective.”

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Patrick Colbeck


Patrick Colbeck OPPOSES the ballot initiative. “Everybody needs to recognize that that proposal is not about the voters. It is about gerrymandering, and it’s about the Democrats trying to gerrymander the election process,” he said. “I think that the system is working just fine right now.”

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Jim Hines


Jim Hines OPPOSES the ballot initiative. “What’s being proposed is a commission with independent individuals making that decision apart from the legislature, apart for the governor, through the secretary of state. I don’t believe that that’s appropriate,” he said.

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Bill schuette

Bill Schuette declined the Detroit Journalism Cooperative’s request for a video interview, citing scheduling interviews.

Click HERE to learn more about him and WDET’s coverage of his campaign. 

He OPPOSES the ballot initiative.

Democratic Candidates

Abdul El-Sayed


Abdul El-Sayed SUPPORTS the ballot initiative. “Just look at its enemies. These are all people that have benefitted from a system that put corporations over every day people,” he said. “It’s time for us to break this system that has left us with one of the most unequal distributions of government in the country, frankly.”

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Shri Thanedar


Shri Thanedar SUPPORTS the initiative. “It’s a great initiative. I expect it to pass. And as Governor, I look forward to redistricting and restoring Democratic practices back in Michigan,” he said.

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Gretchen Whitmer


Gretchen Whitmer SUPPORTS the ballot initiative. “When I was in the legislature, I saw every day the disservice that this partisan redistricting has,” she said. “Every voice needs to be respected and that’s why we’ve got to take redistricting away from the legislature. I would say that if it was Democratic control.”

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Other Issues

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