Prepare to Vote: The Candidates for Governor and Where They Stand on Issues [VIDEO]


How should education be funded?

Should Enbridge Line 5 close or be replaced?

Is there enough government transparency in Michigan?

How will the next governor address transit in southeast Michigan?  

As you prepare to vote, WDET has resources about the gubernatorial candidates to help you decide which one you will support in the Aug. 7 primary and the November general election.

Click on the candidates’ names to view video interviews and hear about their positions on issues important to Michigan:


About the Project

Six of the seven Democratic and Republican candidates for governor sat for one-hour interviews with reporters from the Detroit Journalism Cooperative, a multimedia public service journalism partnership. (Republican Bill Schuette chose not to participate, despite numerous invitations and scheduling options.)

The reporters asked a variety of wide-ranging questions about the candidates’ policies and plans, including some submitted by audience members. Candidates did not receive the questions or specific topics in advance. Support for the project came from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Here’s what the Detroit Journalism Cooperative partners are publishing and airing as part of the project:

Detroit Public Television: 

MIWeek: Michigan Governor’s Race

How would Michigan gubernatorial candidates fix Michigan roads?

Where do candidates stand on recreational marijuana?

Where do candidates stand on regional transit?

Interview Playlists of All Candidates’ Answers by Question Topic

Michigan Roads
The Great Lakes and Water Quality
Tax Policy
Car Insurance
Immigration and Refugees
Government Transparency
Mobility and Transportation
Flint’s Recovery
Redistricting - The Voters Not Politicians Initiative
Leadership and Responsibility
Term Limits

Bridge Magazine

Is FOIA like the Russia probe? And other surprises from Michigan GOP candidates
Where do they stand? The governor candidates and their plans for Michigan
IDs for undocumented workers? And other surprises from Michigan Democrats
Brian Calley: What Michigan could learn from ‘Pissed Off Autism Moms’
Patrick Colbeck: Eliminate income taxes to expand Michigan’s economy, population
Jim Hines: Michigan school problems can’t be solved with money alone
Bill Schuette: Michigan must fix education, lower taxes and car insurance
Abdul El-Sayed: Expand health care, access to education in Michigan
Shri Thanedar: Fix Michigan schools by taxing rich, reforming prisons
Gretchen Whitmer: Grow Michigan by offering debt-free community college

Chalkbeat Detroit

Where candidates for governor in Michigan stand on major education issues

Michigan Radio

Legalizing recreational marijuana divides candidates for Michigan’s next governor

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Detroit Journalism Cooperative

Image credit: Detroit Journalism Cooperative

This post is a part of Detroit Journalism Cooperative.

The DJC is a partnership of six media outlets focused on telling critical stories of Detroit and creating engagement opportunities on-air, online and in the community. View the partners work at

Support for this project comes from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Renaissance Journalism’s Michigan Reporting Initiative and the Ford Foundation.



This post is a part of 2018 Elections in Michigan.

On November 6, Michigan voters will decide who will be the state's new governor, attorney general and secretary of state. Some state House and Senate seats are up for grabs, and numerous initiatives are expected on ballots.

WDET is committed to providing honest, fair, inclusive coverage of Michigan's 2018 elections. Join us now and all the way to the voting booth to be an informed voter.


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