Wayne State Offers to Forgive Debt of Former Students

Wayne State University says it will erase up to $1,500 of student debt for those who left the university without earning a degree. But those former students must return to the school and successfully complete several semesters to qualify.

Marissa Gawel/WDET

Officials at Wayne State University are offering to forgive some of the debt owed by former students who left without earning a degree.

But those students must be willing to return to the school.

Wayne State calls it the “Warrior Way Back” program.

It reduces the past debt of students who owe less than $1,500 by one-third for each new semester they complete.

The idea is to bring students back who took some college classes but did not earn a degree.

Wayne State officials estimate about 12,000 former students are in that position and still living in Metro Detroit.

Those interested in the Way Back program can find out if they qualify by clicking here or going to the Wayne State web site.


  • Quinn Klinefelter
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