Wildlife Managers Want Public Input on Michigan’s Deadly Deer Disease

CWD kills 50% of the wild deer in Wyoming….is Michigan headed for the same mortality rate?


State Wildlife managers are trying to stay ahead of a disease that has the potential to devastate Michigan’s deer populations. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources plans to meet with hunters across the state to take testimony and share information about the deadly Chronic Wasting Disease. Recent research shows that unlike other deer diseases, once infected, deer do not recover from CWD. The neurological pathogen ultimately causes deer to starve to death. Deer Management Specialist with the DNR, Chad Stewart, says hunters across Michigan are beginning to understand the serious nature of the disease.

“Some recent research has come out that this disease tends to accumulate exponentially in your deer herd. And once it does, there is an increase mortality rate with those animals. Even though they can live with it a lot longer than most diseases that they get, they still ultimately will succumb to it, it’s always fatal”    -Chad Stewart, DNR

The DNR has a series of meetings with hunters scheduled across the state. The Detroit area meeting is planned for April 17th in Dearborn.

Click on the audio link above to hear the entire conversation between Chad Stewart and WDET’s Amy Miller.




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