Detroit City Councilwoman Castaneda-Lopez Talks ‘Brutal Race’

“It’s been a brutal race and I’m happy it’s done.”

Michael Hayball

Detroit City Councilwoman Raquel Castaneda-Lopez won her district — District 6 — in last night’s election.

Castaneda-Lopez defeated Tyrone Carter to represent Southwest Detroit, in an election that was highly contested and contentious.

“We won ultimately because we we were honest and we told the truth,” says Castaneda-Lopez. “My track record of the last three years speaks for itself.” 

Carter received strong financial support from the family that owns the Ambassador Bridge.

The Bridge Company has been fighting officials and regulators that have attempted to curb pollution and the refinery industry in the region. The Maroun family owns trucking companies and land in Southwest Detroit that are considered heavy polluters.

Castaneda-Lopez tells Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson that Carter and his campaign fed into the ugliness of the tension between the company and the community.

“The campaign he ran was a smear campaign,” she says. “My family has been harassed… it’s been a brutal race and I’m happy it’s done.” 

To hear more from Castaneda-Lopez on Detroit Today, click on the audio player above.


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