15 Years Later, Miz Korona Looks Back On Her Role In “8 Mile”

“I’m just super appreciative that people still find (8 Mile) relevant to this day,” says Miz Korona.

Photo Courtesy of the Artist

Detroit rapper Miz Korona first made a name for herself coming up in Detroit’s ultra-competitive battle rap scene. Fifteen years ago, she was cast in the movie 8 Mile which chronicles a fictionalized version of Eminem’s rise to stardom.

In the movie, she plays Vanessa, a factory worker who gets into a rap battle during a lunch break with a character played by fellow Detroit native Xzibit.

The lunch truck scene has become one of the standout moments in the movie and took Miz Korona’s career to a new level.

Celebrating its fifteen-year anniversary, 8 Mile continues to represent certain aspects of hip hop culture in Detroit.

WDET’s Gus Navarro speaks with Miz Korona about getting cast in 8 Mile all those years ago and how the movie depicts battle rap in Detroit. 

“I’m just super appreciative that people still find (8 Mile) relevant to this day,” she says. 

You can catch Miz Korona performing at the official celebration of 8 Mile’s fifteenth anniversary on Thursday, November 9th at St. Andrew’s Hall. 

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