Veganize Your Holiday Meal

A series of cooking classes offers Detroiters a chance to learn some vegan recipes ahead of the holidays.

Chantele Jones

Chantele Jones, a business owner, wife and mother, says some of her favorite vegan recipes are jackfruit croquettes, butternut squash and macaroni and cheese. Ahead of the holidays –a time when food serves as an important vehicle for celebrating family and traditions– Jones is trying to make sure that everyone can feel included. For most of us, the holidays and food are nearly synonymous. However as more people adopt vegan diets, it’s a time of year that can be stressful and even isolating. This culinary conundrum is what drove Chantele Jones to create a series of vegan holiday cooking classes at the Brightmoor Artisans Collective.

Jones, the founder of VDaLish Vegan Cuisine and Desserts, says she wants to show people how to veganize some of their favorite dishes ahead of the holidays.  While public classes are sold out for the month of November, Jones says she offers private group classes and plans to hold at least one more public class next month at the Brightmoor Artisans Collective. 


Chantele Jones