How Are Detroit’s Senior Citizens Doing?

Some of Detroit’s senior residents are bored and feel stuck in the city.

While Detroit’s overall population has declined, the number of seniors has grown in recent years, according to U.S. Census records.

Julia Kassem is a journalist at WDET’s Detroit Journalism Cooperative partner, Detroit Public Television, reporting on how senior citizens are faring in the region. She spoke with WDET’s Laura Herberg about the issues they’re facing in Detroit.

Click on the audio player above to hear that interview. You can check out a recent article by Kassem on the subject below.

Matt Morley

What ‘aging in place’ means in Detroit

By Julia Kassem

Patricia Lovett maintains an impeccable lot outside her east Detroit street, salvaging her property amidst the cohabitation of blight intermittent in her neighborhood. Her home is cozy, spotless and warm, inundated with china sets, floral arrangements, trophies, and photos; souvenirs that showcase a zeal for living.

“When we came in everything was beautiful but [now] it’s a terrible neighborhood,” she says. “But you know, our homes are paid for. And we’re on a fixed income–even to rent a house now is more than what we get in a month.” Read full story.


  • Laura Herberg
    Laura Herberg is a Reporter for 101.9 WDET, telling the stories about people inhabiting the Detroit region and the issues that affect us here.