AG Bill Schuette is Running for Governor – Hear His Detroit Today Interview

Schuette vows to cut income taxes and reduce auto insurance rates.

Jake Neher/WDET

It may be the least surprising announcement we’ve had so far in the 2018 race for governor. 

Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette says he’ll run to succeed fellow Republican Rick Snyder next year.

Political onlookers in Lansing and across the state have long suspected Schuette was interested in the governor’s office.

He’s served in every branch of government during his career. Before he was attorney general he served as a state Senator, a congressman, a judge on the Michigan Court of Appeals, and led the state Department of Agriculture.

His resume in government is certainly more extensive than anyone else running for governor at this point. But what’s his vision for the state of Michigan?

Click here to hear more about some of the other people throwing their hats into the race for governor.

“I will be the governor…the ‘jobs’ governor…who cuts taxes and gives Michigan families a pay raise,” Schuette said during his campaign launch in Midland on Tuesday evening. 

“We are going to start winning again.  And that is why I’m announcing my campaign and candidacy for governor of the state of Michigan.”

Schuette joins Detroit Today with Stephen Henderson just hours after announcing his candidacy.

“I’m sick and tired of people looking through a lens of, really, managing Michigan’s decline,” says Schuette. “Our job is not to hire governors to kind of manage a kind of steady decline of Michigan.”

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Here’s a list of people who say they’re running for governor in 2018:
Bill Schuette, Michigan attorney general
– Patrick Colbeck, state Senator
– Evan Space, businessman
– Joseph Derose, insurance agent
– Dr. Jim Hines, president of Christian Medical and Dental Associations
Mark McFarlin, former Taxpayers Party nominee in 2014
Lt. Gov. Brian Calley is also widely expected to run, but has not made an announcement yet.
– Gretchen Whitmer, former state Senate minority leader
– Abdul El-Sayed, former director of the Detroit Health Department
– William Cobbs, businessman
– Kentiel White, former Corporal at Medic One Ambulance Service
– Shri Thanedar, businessman
– Dwain Reynolds, teacher and self-described Democratic Socialist/Green/Progressive party
Todd Schleiger, owner/operator of Home Power Source, LLC. and running as an Independent


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