GOP, Dem Hopefuls Eagerly Eyeing Seat Vacated by Retiring Republican Congressman

U.S. Rep. Trott (R-MI) retiring. Dems say seat in play due to angst over Prez, Congress. GOP says Trump still popular.

Melissa Mason/WDET

Michigan Republican Congressman Dave Trott says he is retiring from public office.

And Trott’s decision could create a significant primary battle for his seat.

Trott says he is retiring so he can return to the private sector and spend more time with his family.

The Birmingham Republican had won two terms in Michigan’s 11th Congressional District, which includes parts of Wayne and Oakland counties.


“I expect that it will be a very interesting primary going into this next cycle.” – Oakland County Republican Party Chair Theresa Mungioli

But some political insiders have suggested for some time that Trott might leave Congress, in part because he is known as a moderate Republican who has crossed swords with President Trump.

The chair of the Oakland County Republican Party, Theresa Mungioli, says prospective candidates are already beginning to line-up support now that Trott is leaving the field.

“Fortunately we do have a deep bench in the 11th District,” Mungioli says. “And I expect that it will be a very interesting primary going into this next cycle.”

Some Democrats charge that Trott is leaving because the Republican faced a race that is becoming increasingly challenging as President Trump has become increasingly unpopular.

But Mungioli counters that Trump is a benefit for GOP candidates, not a drawback.

“I said this during the election last year and I’ll say again that you have to get out on the streets and talk to the voters. And I’m not seeing any wavering in the dedication to the President. They supported him last year when he was running for office and they continue to support him now,” Mungioli says.

The state of Michigan says the deadline for Republican, Democratic and Libertarian candidates to file to run in the 11th Congressional District is April 24, 2018. 


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