StoryCorps Detroit Podcast: A Tale of Two Paper’s Opinions

Two Detroit editorial page editors tell each other how their backgrounds influence their opposing opinions.

Stephen Henderson (left) and Nolan Finley photographed by StoryCorps in 2017.

Stephen Henderson (left) and Nolan Finley photographed by StoryCorps in 2017.


Stephen Henderson is the editor of the liberal-leaning editorial page at the Detroit Free Press. Nolan Finley, on the other hand, is the editor of the conservative-leaning editorial page at  The Detroit News.

And… they’re friends.



In this episode of StoryCorps Detroit, Henderson and Finley talk about how their personal family backgrounds influence their opposing political opinions. What emerges is that they have more in common than you might realize just from reading their respective editorial pages.

At one point Henderson admits that conservatives possess a trait he’s almost jealous of. Then Finley criticizes the party whose ideals he so often champions.

Together they agree there is one thing that both parties need to improve upon: finding compromise.

“I think it’s harder to demonize people when you really do know who they are and what they think,” Henderson says.

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