As Repeal-Replace Implodes, What Is the Future of Healthcare Reform?

“I just don’t think Democrats are going to be real quick to try to rescue the Republicans from this bind.”

Now that it looks like the Senate GOP health care overhaul is dead, where do we go from here? Even supporters of the Affordable Care Act will tell you it has problems. Health care is still not affordable for many Americans. Premiums are still rising. Is there any chance we’ll see a meaningful and honest debate in Washington about how to improve our health care system?

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson speaks with Paul Demko, health care reporter for POLITICO.

“Democrats say they are willing to work on bipartisan fixes,” says Demko, “and I’m sure they are sincere at some level in saying that. But they’re also, I think, quietly enjoying this moment of sort of watching Republicans twist the wind with this very messy complex topic… I just don’t think Democrats are going to be real quick to try to rescue the republicans from this bind.”

Still, Demko explains that Republicans haven’t given up yet, and neither are taxpayers.  He discusses general interest in alternative options like public or single payer models to replace the current system.

The problem with single payer is it will cause a ton of disruption in the current system… So if you talk about ripping out that entire system, that would cause a lot of anxiety and fear among people… So maybe a public option is sort of a bridge to see if there’s any appetite for that.

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