Former GOP Lawmaker on Donald Trump Jr.’s Emails: “Wouldn’t I Do the Same Thing?”

Current Macomb County Public Works Operations Manager Anthony Forlini joins Detroit Today to debate week’s news.

Michigan House of Representatives

This week has brought its fair share of bombshells related to the Trump campaign’s relationship with Russia. Donald Trump Jr.’s emails have dominated the news cycle. But there’s also movement on a federal health care overhaul. And here in Michigan, lawmakers have sent Gov. Rick Snyder $200 million in new tax incentives to help lure new manufacturing jobs to the state.

Former state Rep. Anthony Forlini (R-Harrison Twp.), who is now operations manager for the Macomb County Public Works department, joins Detroit Today to debate the week’s news with host Stephen Henderson and talk about his new role.

He says the outrage over Donald Trump Jr.’s emails is overblown.

“Wouldn’t I do the same thing?” he says. “If you know you have something in a campaign… you have the ability to get information… that might be damaging to your opponent, would it be wrong to say ‘I want to hear?’ I’m not sure it would be wrong to want to hear.”

Forlini, who voted in favor of Michigan’s Medicaid expansion in 2013, also weighs in on the health care debate in Washington.

He says Obamacare hasn’t worked to solve our health care problems, but it also isn’t the cause of many of those issues either.

“We haven’t solved the problem,” says Forlini. “Why do we have Obamacare? Because there was a problem to begin with. So, to ignore that would be foolish. But to say that this was the fix would also be foolish in my mind.”

“I almost wish we would try to come up with a solution to the problem rather than take political sides on this,” he says.

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