Flint Begins Paying Full Price for Tainted Water Utility Bills

Michigan ends credits that helped Flint pay water bills. City says tap water still requires filters.

Amber Neher

Officials in Michigan say they will no longer help residents in Flint pay their water bills.

The state began covering a portion of the utility bills after the city’s water supply became contaminated with lead in early 2014.

That’s when Flint switched to using its river as a water source without properly treating it to prevent lead from leaching into the system.

The state began providing credits to help both residents and businesses pay their water utility bills.

But state officials say Flint now meets federal standards for water quality.

City of Flint officials, who fought for the credits to continue, say people still need help to cover their utility bills.

City officials say residents still cannot drink water from a tap in Flint without a filter.


  • Quinn Klinefelter
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