Metro Detroiters Give Advice to President Donald Trump

WDET spoke with several Metro Detroiters to ask what advice they have for President Trump as he takes office.

Donald Trump officially became the 45th President of the United States when he took the oath of office Friday.  His election victory in November generated plenty of emotion.  But the country has had a couple of months to consider what a Trump presidency might be like.  WDET spoke with several Metro Detroiters Thursday to ask what advice they have for President Trump:

“I’m Eddie Johnson. I’m from the East Side of Detroit. The next advice I have for the next president is that you gotta look out for the poor, the people who are at the bottom of the barrel, the ones who really need help. Already he done cut Obama care, and that’s already, you can tell, you already know, but hopefully he’ll still try to put something in place for the poor people, hopefully. We will see, he got four years, we will see what he will do.”

“Darrin Sullen from Detroit. Be less twittery and social media and be more presidential and listen to your people around you, your advisors.”

“Mike Rogers, I live in Clawson. Take care of our environment. Don’t let the corporations destroy our water, our land, our lakes; you know everything, our woods.  Keep our environment safe because that’s something we can pass on to future generations. Don’t let these corporations destroy our world.”

“Akbar Walks, I’m from Detroit Michigan. Well, I would just say try to invest some quality time in the inner cit. Try to build relationships with some of the community activists like Minister Troy Mohammad, you know what I’m saying. Minister Farrakhan, just you know Dr. Umar Johnson, people like that.  I think if he could build a relationship with, he could kind of ease black people and all the ethnic groups that he may have offended during his run at president.”

“Ethers Wright from Detroit Michigan. You know what, fingers crossed and prayers sent in the air, I’m praying he go in the right direction with the country and lead us to where we need to be.  Yup so, we’re really praying that he does the right thing with the a little guidance from maybe president Obama, hopefully so.  Yeah so, that’s what we’re looking forward to, making the country great again. Basically and hopefully, he can pull that off. I am a little bit scared and concerned, but I think everything is going to turn out alright.”

“David Lee Canada. From what I’ve seen from Canada, the country seems to be separated, so just bringing them altogether is just the big thing.”

“Manal Alectam, Dearborn.  I think he should just keep an open mind and be more accepting of people that might be different. He needs to also watch his rhetoric, because that is what initially turned me off from voting for him.”

“My name is Howard Harrison and I’m from Detroit. Speak very softly. You know what I’m saying. Think before you speak.  You’re president now, so, you know, I’m patriotic and I’m going to stand behind my president but don’t make me be ashamed of him.”   

The voices of Metro Detroiters giving advice to Donald Trump who was sworn in as President Friday.  Thanks to WDET’s Tia Graham, Jen Weingart and Jerome Vaughn for producing this piece.