Created Equal Podcast: Khizr Khan on American Patriotism

“Hate is un-American.” — Khizr Khan

Khizr Khan may be the most patriotic American we’ve ever spoken with.

Khan became an overnight and unlikely national figure in the summer of 2016 after delivering a passionate speech at the Democratic National Convention.


After that speech he became the focal point of negative tweets and comment from Donald Trump, who in turn received strong pushback from Democrats and Republicans alike. Khan is a Gold Star father of a young U.S. Army Captain, who was killed in battle while serving in Iraq.

Khizr Khan believes to his core in the values that make America a special place in the world. He’s an American citizen who came here from Pakistan decades ago. His love of America is resounding. 

In this conversation with Created Equal host Stephen Henderson, Khan talks about his belief in America’s core values. 

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