“Detroit Promise” Program Expands to Include 4-Year Universities

Gov. Snyder and Mayor Duggan say the “Detroit Promise” college scholarship program will now include four-year degrees.

Bre’Anna Tinsley/ WDET

The “Detroit Promise” college scholarship program is expanding to include free tuition at four-year institutions.

Any Detroit high school senior graduating with a minimum 3.0 GPA and scoring a 21 on the ACT can earn a full-ride to a Michigan university.

The program was first developed by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan to fund two-year scholarships for high school graduates.

Portia Anderson is a freshman at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and one of the first recipients of the award. She says one of the greatest perks of the program is not having to pay back student loans.  

“It feels amazing actually. Me and my friends are actually very happy about it because it’s like your debt-free so, that’s the best thing you can be when you graduate at 20,” Anderson says. “Well, I’ll graduate at 22 debt-free,” . 

Registration is open to any student who lives in Detroit and attends a Detroit high school, including charters and private schools.