Millennials Rock the Political Campaign

Metro Detroit Voters Discuss Their Presidential Nominee

For many voters, the 2016 election has been the most unusual they’ve seen in recent years. Experts say the youth vote will be key in this election. The Pew Research Center estimates 69 million Millennials are of voting age, almost equal to the number of Baby Boomers who could head to the polls. Millennials strongly supported Bernie Sanders. But he’s now endorsing Hillary Clinton. So the question is: Will Sanders supporters support Clinton? 

“I think there’s just a wide variety of issues that have been up for discussion this election that have been particularly of interest to Millennials or young voters. Progressive, really liberal policies that attract young people, particularly on social issues as we’re moving toward a more, hopefully more, equality in society in terms of race, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Young people don’t hold those biases that an older generation holds.” – State Representative (D-Southfield), Jeremy Moss, 30. 

WDET’s Ron Lyons spoke with some Metro Detroit millennials about who and what is influencing their vote. 
“I’m hoping that the youth vote still comes out even though Bernie is not going to be in the campaign. I worry that they won’t, but I think it’s important. Obviously, it grew with Barack Obama.  I think it can stay the case, but I think a lot people are disengaged.” – Amy Latawiec, 32        

 “We need more of a business-minded person in this country as well hopefully to bring jobs back and everything like that, and I just feel that America needs a change, a shift somewhere from where we going right now.”  – Christopher Donald, 23

“It’s so important for us to really know the issues and really know what’s happening and really understand the process because I remember when I was younger we learned about social studies and I don’t think none of my little cousins really know about social studies anymore. All they try to do is teach them about science and math which is fine, but they don’t even understand basic laws of our country like they don’t even understand what it means and I think that’s so important. And then they wonder why they don’t go out and vote you’re not teaching them anymore.” – Corri Johnson, 25

“I feel like this vote the has been the youth is getting  more involved with this one. I feel like the youth is more active with it especially with Bernie Sanders. I’ve been seeing a lot people my age are supporting Bernie Sanders. I think it’s important because I don’t want people especially young people to be put into a category because of what your family or friends are in. Look at the issues for yourself. I will tell the youth vote for how you feel if you feel like you  want to vote for Sanders based on what he says, Clinton, or even a third party candidate — vote for what you feel like.” – Alan Rifenbark, 23


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