Young Girl’s Letter Brings Obama to Flint

President Obama visits Flint next week after an 8-yr-old girl, ill from lead-tainted water, asked to meet with him.

President Obama travels to Flint next week for a first-hand look at the city’s struggles with contaminated water.

The White House says the President was drawn to the city in part after receiving a letter from a little girl in Flint.

An eight-year-old girl calling herself “Little Miss Flint” wrote to Mr. Obama saying she’d begun suffering medical problems when the city switched to a new water supply that was tainted by lead.

The President wrote back that he wants to meet with the girl and others to ensure they are receiving the help they need.

Michigan Congressman Dan Kildee, who represents Flint, says a presidential visit is more than appropriate.

“It is the youngest victims of this crisis that we really should be focusing a lot of our attention on,” Kildee said. “The fact that the President is doing that says a lot about him and how important this issue is.”

Ingesting lead can cause permanent neurological damage and young children are especially susceptible. 


  • Quinn Klinefelter
    Quinn Klinefelter is a Senior News Editor at 101.9 WDET. In 1996, he was literally on top of the news when he interviewed then-Senator Bob Dole about his presidential campaign and stepped on his feet.