Warren Evans Says Wayne County in Much Better Fiscal Health

Evans says no Emergency Manager, no bankruptcy for Wayne County

Bre’Anna Tinsley/ WDET

This morning, Detroit Today’s Stephen Henderson spoke with Wayne County Executive Warren Evans about his recent State of the County Address.  Evans says the executive office is improving by taking steps to avoid future financial controversy, balance the budget, and improve dynamics in the workplace.  He says he sees a process of growth and progress from an emergency situation to today. 

Evans says responsibility and accountability are some main focuses of his executive office. 

“The emergency’s over and people have to understand that we have to be fiscally responsible going forward,” he says.  Although steps are being taken to balance the budget, Evans argues, “the funding [from the state] for local and county governments is unfair.”  One strategy implemented to avoid further financial controversy, Evans says, is instead of foreclosing on homes (which, soon after foreclosure are often stripped or gutted, sometimes leading to the destruction of an entire block),  keeping families in these homes, and working together with families can help to preserve the integrity of the neighborhood.

Many cuts have been made within the department, and Evans thanked union leaders for their cooperation, but he feels there is a certain reluctance in government to ask taxpayers for their support.  The county executive, however, remains optimistic. 

“There’s a lot to be done but I think we’ve made some great strides,” says Evans.