Moods Of The American Voter

Many Americans are angry and fearful as the presidential election looms. How do you feel?

We’re going to spend much of this week exploring the mood of the American voter. That’s you. We want to hear from you. It’s an election year and many people are anxious, frightened, or angry. And some voters retain some of the “Hope” tied to President Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign. Either way… strong emotions have already shaped much of this presidential election year. In the coming days we’ll ask you why you feel the way YOU do as voter heading into the election. Throughout the week you’ll have a chance to hear your views aired on WDET and NPR. Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson takes calls from listeners and voters about their mood this presidential election year.

  • Political Gridlock: Political anxieties aren’t just about individual issues, but about “A gridlocked political system that can’t seem to solve big problems no matter what political party has control,” Conservative analyst Henry Olson tells NPR.
  • Earning and Jobs: One caller says he isn’t worried about ISIS as much as he is about personal economics. “I’m just not as scared of [terrorism] as I am of watching my ability to provide for myself and my future family be chipped away at in the coming years,” he says.
To hear more of the conversation, and contribute your own, click the link above and tune into WDET all week.