Making Charitable Donations at the End of Year

Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan Urges Giving for Many Reasons

The Community Foundation for Southeast Michigan was established in 1984 for the betterment of the residents of Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Monroe, Washtenaw, St. Clair and Livingston counties. Over the years, CFSEM has helped create and fund numerous projects — ranging from education to arts and culture to community development — that improve the lives of those who live here. Stephen Henderson speaks with CEO Mariam Noland about why charitable giving has such a big impact on SE Michigan.


According to the website, CFSEM:

Supports donors and their charitable intentions, and fund, develop and nurture programs that create lasting positive benefits for us all.

Builds and protect endowments, growing permanent community capital to serve as an everlasting resource — a base of stable financial support —  for this and all future generations.

Serves as a vehicle for donors, volunteers and community members to identify important issues, share ideas and build financial resources to make positive long-term change.

Works with donors to honor their intentions, and have the expertise to put their desire to make a positive impact into action. Using creativity and hard work, we strive to make permanent change.

Develops and supports programs that provide the most benefit to the community. Through hard work and with hard data, we help ensure the funds are there to create perpetual good.


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