What it’s Like to be a Refugee

A Wayne State professor recounts her young life as a refugee

There has been a lot of discussion in recent months about refugees coming to America. Syria is in a civil war that has displaced millions of people over the past few years, and Michigan officials have been wrestling with when and how to allow refugees to resettle in the state. Critics of officials dragging their feet with refugee acceptance point out the United States is a country founded by and composed of refugees and immigrants.

Detroit Today host Stephen Henderson speaks with Dr. Ann Sodja about her experience as a refugee. Sodja is an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at Wayne State University. She was born and raised in Yugoslavia during World War II. Her family faced Communist interrogation regularly as her father spent a decade away from them fighting Nazi and Communist rule. The family spent years attempting to be reunited before moving to America. Sodja tells Henderson she knows the plight of refugees well.