Architects Lead Brush Park Redevelopment Project

Five design companies will redevelop nearly eight-and-a-half acres of the historic neighborhood.

Courtesy of Brush Park Development Company

A development project in Detroit’s Brush Park neighborhood is moving forward, now that a team of architects has been chosen. The plan is to build nearly 400 new residential properties, while refurbishing four historic mansions for new use. Melissa Dittmer is the Director of Architecture and Design for Bedrock Real Estate Services. She says having a coalition of local and national designers is important to the overall look of the restoration.

“We have five firms so that we can have a mixture of architectural styles and aesthetics to all be built within the same 8.5 acres because it’s important for us not to have the same style and architectural aesthetic for every single building. We want it to look like it evolved naturally.”

Melissa Dittmer, Director of Architecture and Design for Bedrock Real Estate Services

Dittmer says the Brush Park Development Company was awarded the development project, following a Request For Proposals issued by the city of Detroit. She says pending approval of a rezoning package, construction will begin sometime next year.


  • Eli Newman
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