Proposal for Double Tracking on Amtrak Route Chicago to Detroit

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association is proposing Amtrak add additional tracks to Chicago to Detroit route.

two parallel railroad tracks in a wooded area

The Midwest High Speed Rail Association is pushing for double tracks to be placed between Chicago and Detroit. The Michigan Department of Transportation is upgrading the route between the two major cities to reduce travel time.

The Rail Association Executive Director Rick Harnish says two sets of tracks along the entire 300 mile route can achieve that goal.

“There are about 160 miles where they’re planning on leaving it single tracked,” Harnish says. “And so there will be places where trains can pull over to wait for the other train but that means the service can’t be as flexible as we think it should be to meet the growing demand.”

Harnish says the association is asking the public to support the proposal. He says the plan is a huge opportunity to increase train ridership.