Early Days of Organized Crime in Detroit

New book chronicles crime syndicates of the early 1900’s

A new book takes a look at the early years of 20th century Detroit and how organized crime developed. Stephen Henderson speaks with the author, James Buccellato about the history of the mob here.

Buccellato is a native Detroiter whose family roots are in Sicily, Italy. He says he became interested in researching organized crime in Detroit when he repeatedly ran across his family name in true crime literature related to the Mafia and learned that his great-grandfather had been murdered.

Bucellato offers key points:

Rich History: Detroit was a place of immigration and industrialization in a city with disposable income.

Close Ties: Stephen and Bucellato discuss the point that economic development and vice are often not far apart.

Why Crime? Marginalized communities looked to the illicit economy as a way to wealth.