UAW Ford VP Encourages Members to Vote Yes

UAW VP visited union in Dearborn to encourage union members to ratify the tentative labor contract with Ford Motor Co.

U-A-W Vice President Jimmy Settles visited Local 600 in Dearborn Wednesday to encourage workers to vote ‘yes’ on the tentative labor contract with Ford Motor Company. Local 600 President Bernie Ricke joined him in the call to action.

Ricke says the proposed contract is the best deal for the union.

“If we thought there was another dollar on the table we would have got it the first time,” Ricke says. “There’s a balance. There’s a lot of money in investment, there’s a lot of money in wages and bonuses. And another key thing was the healthcare. We actually made some enhancements in it. There’s really a balance in the money in the agreement.”

Ricke says 53 out of 54 elected representatives at the Local 600 strongly support the contract. Workers at a handful of US facilities have rejected the proposed agreement. Voting concludes this weekend.