Volunteer Group to Clean Up Houses Damaged by 2014 Flooding

A non-profit group is working to clean out 100 homes in Detroit that were damaged by flooding last year.

All Hands Volunteers

A non-profit is working to help restore Detroit homes damaged in the flooding last year.  The goal of All Hands Volunteers is to clean up at least 100 homes by December 1st.

Volunteer Coordinator Alexus Gordon says a Wayne State study showed almost three thousand families in the city are still living in flood -damaged homes.

“People have been living in these homes with children, some of them that have mold all over the place. And it’s just – it’s unacceptable. It just has to be taken care of,” Gordon says.

Gordon says volunteers will gut and sanitize each home. She says the organization is hoping to have 40 to 50 volunteers working on several homes each day.


Those who want to volunteer can register on All Hands Volunteers’ website