Missouri President Resigns: Will Race Relation Improve on Campus?

Missouri Sophomore reveals racial tensions on campus have been simmering for months


Over the weekend a group of black football players from University of Missouri said they would refuse to play another game until the resignation or firing of the school’s president. The student-athletes were upset with a series of events on campus tied to racism, antisemitism, and inequality. Less than 36 hours later, the president – Timothy Wolfe, resigned. How and why did the football team yield so much influence? With so much money tied up in college athletics, will student-athletes join together and yield such influence on other campuses? Can you imagine our state’s powerful athletic teams taking a stand for political or social purposes? Missouri sophomore and Detroit native, John Deighton, joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to give the background on how an increasingly restless student body, over Wolfe’s lack of action led to his resignation.


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