Freedom Caucus Claims are not Supported by Pew Study

According to a recent Pew Research study, Freedom Caucus Districts share similar views as other GOP held Districts

Drew DeSilver, Senior Writer for the Pew Research Center, joins Detroit Today producer Laura Weber-Davis and Co-host Chuck Wilbur to discuss their recent study that despite the Freedom Caucus claims that they’re representing their constituents; the Pew study revealed that their districts share similar views of other GOP held districts. DeSilver says that Freedom Caucus districts tend to be a bit older, whiter, and more down on Congress, but when it come to the major issues, they really don’t differ much from other GOP Districts. The only difference is that 72% of Freedom Caucus members were elected to congress since the Tea Party Revolution of 2010, compared to only 56% of congressional members from other GOP districts. According to DeSilver, another factor as to why Freedom Caucus members may follow their own agenda is that there is no fear that they will be defeated by a democrat back home.

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