Did the GOP Debate Round Three Go to Marco Rubio?

Rubio shines and Jeb falters as the third Republican Presidential debate turns testy


Last night we watched the third Republican presidential debate, this time on CNBC. Now it appears the field of candidates is ever shifting in strength. Current perceived front-runner Ben Carson remained fairly quiet during this debate, as did Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. Meanwhile Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz honed their messages and presentations. And the so-called mainstream media may have been the biggest target and loser of all.

Who do you think were the winners and losers last night? Which candidate in the Republican field is getting your attention? If you’re a Democrat, is there a candidate you’re afraid of for the general election?

Detroit Today producer Laura Weber-Davis is joined by guest co-host Chuck Wilbur and National Review correspondent Tim Alberta to dissect the evening of debate.