Karen Dumas looks at that was the week that was

Media consultant Karen Dumas and Stephen Henderson discuss this week’s top news stories.

Host Stephen Henderson speaks with media consultant Karen Dumas about Flint’s water supply, the Democratic presidential debate, and the Detroit school board.


Flint: Dumas believes that the switch back to Detroit’s water supply was a long time coming for Flint. “There’s that lapse of time in terms of when they transferred [to Flint’s] systems to everybody saying ‘our water is tainted, our water is brown’,” Dumas says.


Democrats: Stephen thinks that Bernie Sanders’ “Damn emails” comment may be a turning point in the Democratic presidential race. Stephen says, “Seeing one candidate give their opponent that kind of break suggests that it’s not as much of a competition.”


School Board: Dumas believes the people of Detroit need to elect better school board members if they want to see change. “If we keep electing the same [ineffective] people…we’re gonna continue to get the same lackluster results.” Dumas says.


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