Author, Kim Harrison, talks about her latest novel, set in 2030 Detroit

Detroit native, Kim Harrison, discusses, “The Drafter,” a futuristic thriller of betrayal and survival

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Author Kim Harrison about her new book, “The Drafter,” set in a 2030 Detroit.


Names: The name of Harrison’s characters were heavily inspired by Detroit’s history, as well as her idea of time being “woven,” hence Peri Reed.


Setting: Harrison’s Detroit is one that comes from the wilds of her imagination. “One of the perks of being a writer is you can make a world that you think should actually exist and be,” Harrison says, which is how her Detroit can have solar-powered color-changing electric cars.


Connection: While Harrison has lived in the Ann Arbor area most of her life, she still feels a deep connection to the city. “Even though i’ve never actually lived in Detroit, I clearly identify with it,” Harrison says.


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