The Michigan Democratic Party Reacts to the Debate

The head of Michigan’s Democratic Party chimes in on Tuesday’s debate.

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Brandon Dillon, head of the Michigan Democratic Party, about Tuesday’s Democratic National Debate.

Differences: Dillon didn’t think that the candidates did enough to differentiate themselves during the debate. “There was very little substantive difference in where any of the candidates stood on where the country needs to go [on the issues],” Dillon says.

Hillary Clinton: Dillon believes Clinton had a very strong output at the debate, saying “I think she showed to the world…that she was up for the presidency.”


O’Malley: Besides the two big Democratic candidates — Bernie Sanders and Clinton — Dillon believes that  Martin O’Malley could grab his own set of voters. “He’s someone who’s trying to carve out a spot in the field as a pure progressive,” Dillon says.


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