A Conservative’s View of the Democrat’s Debate

What does a Conservative think of the Democratic Debate?

Stephen talks with conservative commentator Mary Hoekstra about her take of the Democratic National Debate.


Unions: Referring to her comment during the debate about the loss of “the greatest middle class in history” Hoekstra believes that it was a calculated statement to attract union votes. “She still doesn’t have all the major unions behind her,” Hoekstra says.


Comparisons: Hoekstra believes it’s unfair to compare the GOP debates to the Democratic one. “It’s like apples and oranges… they had five candidates up there versus [the GOP’s] fifteen,” Hoekstra says.


Exposure: On exposure for smaller candidates on both sides, Hoekstra believes that the most important thing is raising money. “First and foremost is fundraising. We have candidates who are struggling with their fundraising and candidates who are polling in the single digits,” Hoekstra says.


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