Five Detroit Businesses Spotlighted on “Start-Up”

Local businesses get profiled on indie-themed PBS show.

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Jenny Feterovich and Gary Bredow of the PBS show “Start Up.”


Detroit: “Start Up” features a lot of small businesses found nationwide, but they have also featured a lot of local businesses as well. Places like The Fowling Warehouse, featuring a new sport made in Detroit, and Drought Juice, a raw juice company, are all Detroit businesses featured.


Opportunity: Entrepreneurs are coming to Detroit in droves because of the opportunity, low cost-of-living and space. “A lot of people are coming here and saying ‘Wow this is a great place to start my business’” Feterovich says.


Selections: The process for selecting what businesses to profile is tough, since there are so many applicants. “We’re casting for season 100 now,” Bredow says.


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