Flint Needs Millions of Dollars to join Detroit Water System after Lead Controversy

High levels of lead found in the Flint water system are causing a public health crisis in the city

Host Stephen Henderson talks with Congressman Dan Kildee (D-Flint Twp) about Flint’s water crisis, and the search for a new U.S. Speaker of the House.


  • Supply: Governor Snyder says it’s essential that Flint reattaches itself to Detroit’s water supply.“The public safety of our citizens is a paramount concern across all of Michigan. And there is a need for Flint residents to have a good, safe, clean source of water.” Snyder says.
  • Responsibility: Congressman Kildee believes that because the state took over the city of Flint’s government and switched the water supply, that they should bear the cost for fixing this problem. “I disagree with any obligation the city of Flint has to deal with this fix,” Kildee says.
  • Speaker: Kildee says that the race to find a new U.S. Speaker of the House is something that conservatives have brought on themselves. “The Republicans are paying the price for pandering to the far-right,” Kildee says.


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