Gary Peters talks with Stephen on gun control, Syrian refugees, and the Youth PROMISE Act.

Senator Peters talks about hot topics with Stephen

Stephen talks with Senator Gary Peters about gun control, Syrian refugees and the Youth Promise Act.

  • Background Checks: Senator Peters firmly believes that if we do anything to stop gun violence, it needs to be stronger background checks. “The one thing that has overwhelming support with the American people are universal background checks,” Peters says.
  • Syria: Peters believes that U.S. intervention to stabilize Syria isn’t the best move. “If the U.S. injects U.S. troops, it’s only going to make it worse… it has to be folks who share their culture and values,” Peters says.
  • Youth PROMISE Act: Peters supports the act, which he believes will disrupt the “School-to-prison pipeline.” “The Youth PROMISE Act is a comprehensive way to provide grants to work with local communities…to help those who are most at risk,” Peters says.

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