What A Week! Shea and Henderson Take a Look Back

Crain’s Bill Shea joins Stephen Henderson for a review of an unbelievable week of news

Bill Shea, reporter and editor at Crain’s Detroit Business, sits down with Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today to recap what’s happened this week. Discussion shifts from the sex scandal in Lansing, to gun violence, social media and what it takes to be a presidential candidate.   

  • Lansing: Shea and Stephen believe that as the Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat sex scandal carries on, it becomes more and more nonsensical. Shea believes that the best thing that could happen for everyone is for Courser and Gamrat leaving office.
  • Gun violence and social media: Stephen and Shea talk about the shooting in Roanoke which resulted in the deaths of reporter Alison Parker and cameraman Adam Ward, wondering what’s going to happen next. One listener calls in and compares Roanoke and Sandy Hook. He says that its difficult to be surprised by a shooting after witnessing the deaths of children, but Stephen says that there’s an additional element of horror in the Roanoke shooting because of being able to witness the actual act rather than just the grief that follows. Shea says that even though gun violence has decreased since its peak in the early 1990s, people are encountering it more often because of the way media works now. He says that it’s hard to catch up with what’s going on because fast-paced media moves us on to the next tragedy.
  • 2016 Election: Stephen and Shea touch on Joe Biden potentially entering the race, but a caller’s comment about Donald Trump’s multiple military service deferments brings their discussion to past presidential candidate’s serving in the military and whether we take military service seriously. Shea believes that whether we value or consider a candidate’s service depends on what point we’re at in history.