Collaboration Between Michigan’s Representatives

Republican Congressman Huizenga on working with Democrats.

Stephen Henderson meets with Bill Huizenga, Michigan’s Congressman for the 2nd District, about bipartisanship and collaboration between the eastern and western sides of the state. The issues they talk about:

  • National Highway Trust Fund: Huizenga says that due to the growing number of hybrid and more eco-friendly vehicles on the road, the formula of funding roads by a fuel consumption tax is no longer as viable. He talks about the possibility of a user fee based on miles traveled on highways but says that this also would mean dealing with rights of privacy, which could turn into a controversial issue. He suggests to instead fund highways with a registration fee for vehicles.
  • Bipartisan bills: Huizenga talks about a bill to reduce deficits and create jobs through using remanufactured parts when repairing federal vehicles that he is working on with Senator Gary Peters. He also discusses a collaboration with Congressman Dan Kildee to challenge the way the EPA has been penalizing Michigan for using electricity to pump water into a reservoir being used as a hydro-electric dam. Huizenga says most people don’t hear about the bipartisanship in the federal government simply because the media prefers to cover what he refers to as “infotainment.” He says that some of his closest working relationships are with those on the other side of the political aisle.
  • Presidential race: Huizenga says that people on the right and left are frustrated and angry with politicians and says this has fueled the popularity of candidates like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. He and Stephen discuss the recent Republican debate and Huizenga says he finds that governors “tend to make great presidents” because of their experience making important decisions for the state they govern. 

To hear the full conversation click the audio link above.