WDIV’s Mara MacDonald on Courser, Gamrat and Trump

Mara MacDonald believes that Courser and Gamrat are done and that Trump’s supporters blame the government for everything

WDIV reporter, Mara MacDonald joins Stephen Henderson on Detroit Today, to talk about the alleged sex scandal in Lansing between State Representatives Todd Courser and Cindy Gamrat. MacDonald also offers her views on Donald Trump’s visit to Michigan, revealing that his supporters and Trump are not going away anytime soon.  Here are some of the key points and issues MacDonald and Stephen touched upon. 

  • Courser and Gamrat:  MacDonald says that if the pair decide to call it quits, it makes sense they resign before the House returns from summer recess on Tuesday, August 18th. If Courser and Gamrat continue to serve in the Michigan House, MacDonald believes that the first-term Republican legislators will face expulsion hearings.
  • Democrats lack of response:  Stephen asks how the Democrats are handling this affair and McDonald says the Democrats are such a small minority in the Michigan Legislature, that they don’t have to do a thing, telling Stephen, that they are “popping the corn and putting the butter on it.” 
  • Donald Trump: MacDonald covered Trump’s campaign stump in Birch Run earlier this week and was also on hand at the Republican Presidential Debate in Cleveland.  She feels that Trump’s supporters are just angry and even though the Donald is “vague and nonchalant,” people that like him don’t care about the specifics of his views/policies.  However, some in the audience at Birch Run were not too enthused with Trump’s ideas about lowering the pay of auto workers.
  • Megyn Kelly:  According to McDonald, Trump wasn’t targeted during the debates, in fact, the mood was set when Ben Carson was asked the debates first question and Marco Rubio wasn’t really targeted at all. She does believe that the treatment of Kelly after the debates has been disgusting.  
  • Polls: With so much time left until the 2016 election for president, MacDonald and Stephen each feel that what the polls say today may not be a true reflection of how the election will ultimately turn out. 

To hear the entire conversation, please click the link above.