Solidarity in Tune: The Seraphine Collective Celebrates Women in the Arts at BFF FEST

BFF Fest showcases rock, avant-garde, noise, DIY, and no-wave bands who all share one thing in common

Courtesy of BFF Fest

“I think we were filling a void for female musicians coming to Detroit … and also giving a platform to musicians to play in Detroit.”

Co-organizer Augusta Rose

A group of women called The Seraphine Collective organize online, and on-stage, to mentor female musicians and artists who are new to the Detroit scene. The collective is holding what they call the BFF Fest at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit this weekend to fundraiser alternatives for girls.

Two members recently swung into Culture City. Jen David performs as Jenny Junior. Augusta Rose is a noise artist who plays in a band called Double Winter. David tells WDET’s Travis Wright that the group, which has grown considerably, all started with one woman. The BFF Fest takes place this Saturday at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and features bands such as Cheerleader and R. Ring, we listened to their songs “Quencher” and “See,” respectively.