Paranormal Police Activity in Corktown: Behind the Game “The Thin Blue Line”

A crime investigation table-top RPG weaves Detroit history with sci-fi cop action.

“It’s a little bit of “Ghost Busters”, a little bit of “X-Files”, a little bit of “Hill Street Blues”…. and A LOT of Detroit history.”

Game Creator Jason Marker

The video game industry might earn double the profits of Hollywood’s movie business, but pen-and paper role playing games, like “Dungeons and Dragons”, are still alive and well.

One Detroit-based game creator and freelance writer for the “Star Wars” tabletop RPG series is Jason Marker. His latest original game, “The Thin Blue Line, is a gritty sci-fi police drama set in Detroit.

Marker tells WDET’s Travis Wright he’s been working on the game for 12 years.