The Cultural Impact of Marriage Equality

How will marriage equality affect the LGBTQ community?

Stephen Henderson talks with Jeff Montgomery, founder of the Triangle Foundation, and Darrious Hilmon, Executive Director of Affirmations in Ferndale, about the cultural side of marriage equality. 

  • Cultural shift:  Hilmon says that two major things have happened in his lifetime that he never thought would: a president of color, and the right to marry.  Hilmon thinks that there is a cultural shift in favor of same-sex marriage and acceptance, and hopes that this will continue.  He and Montgomery believe that with vigilant effort, discriminatory state legislation will change.
  • Continuing discrimination:  Hilmon points out that LGBTQ issues are far from over, and that trans women of color face a “breathtakingly staggering” amount of murders because of who they are.  Montgomery agrees, and says that gay and lesbian people also continue to be victims of violence. 
  • Key time:  Montgomery likes the new ruling, but says that the response to it now is very important, and will determine the impact of marriage equality.  He says, “we cannot pause too long for the wedding reception”.  
  • Alienation and normalization:  Montgomery says that the Supreme Court’s support of LGBT people is meaningful, and will help people see themselves in their nation.  Hilmon emphasizes the importance of self-acceptance, and of being able to participate in significant traditions such as marriage. 

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